Timex Auto Set Clock Radio - T307S

Timex Auto Set Clock Radio - T307S

Price: $19.99
Manufacturer: Timex
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Fall asleep to your choice of four relaxing nature sounds: ocean surf, rushing brook, forest birds and wind chimes. Features a 90-minute sleep timer. The auxiliary audio input accommodates an MP3 player or iPod. Wake up to the nature sounds, your favorite radio station, your iPod or the buzzer alarm. Sure Alarm battery backup provides a failsafe way to ensure the alarm will sound even if the power goes out. Auto-Set time and date are preset at the factory. Plug it in and it sets itself. Clock and calendar automatically adjust for daylight-savings time and leap years. Alarm feature allows you to individually set the alarms to go off all week, during the work week or the weekend. Dual alarm system with two individual wake times and alarm sounds is perfect for working couples. Digital tuner 18 AM/FM tuner presets 3 alarm settings Snooze function Battery backup time Dimensions - Height 5.8 x Width 4.5 x Depth 3.5 inches Weight - 1 pound


  • Amazon Sales Rank: #19660 in Consumer Electronics
  • Brand: Timex
  • Model: T307S
  • Dimensions: 2.00 pounds
  • Dual alarm
  • Nature sounds
  • Battery back-up
  • Miniplug connector lets you play your MP3 player or iPod through the T307S
  • Programmable sleep timer

Product Reviews

Very nice alarm clock for the money, good value
What differentiates this alarm clock from the others? Quite a few things separate this clock from most of the pack. I have listed the noteworthy features of this clock below:

1. The battery backup assures you won't oversleep

2. There is a battery indicator so you know when to change the battery backup

3. You never need to reset the time when the power goes out. The clock is preset at the factor and has the correct time when you plug it in. You select from the following time zones (Atlantic, Eastern, Central, Mountain, Pacific, Alaskan, or Hawaiian)

4. You can set the clock for day light savings time and make leap year adjustments to keep the time and week on track

5. You can set the clock to have different times during the week and weekend all at one time

6. There is a dual alarm feature

7. There are many different options for what you will wake up to (Radio, Nature Sounds, or Buzzer)

8. You can adjust the illumination on the face if you like a dark room or a bright display

9. Four nature sounds (Ocean Surf, Birds, Brook, or Wind Chimes)

10. There is a timer that will turn off the nature sounds or radio in either 90, 60, 30 or 15 minutes so that you can fall asleep to sound

11. You can preset 18 radio stations

For the money, this is a nice alarm clock.

Difficult to use Junk
1. Very hard to set, you must read poor instruction manual carefully. I've had to dig out the instructions several times as near impossible to just look at clock then set.

2. I work rotating shift work so have to change alarm times often, takes a long time to move alarm.

3. Has 3 levels of back light on face, even on low setting the light is to bright so have to keep clock facing away from me.

4. Has radio, but again difficult to use, so I use nature/buzz alarm only.

Now the bad stuff, worked OK for about 2 months but now:

1. Power button won't work so can't turn radio on.

2. The dimmer/snooze button works for snooze but I can no longer cycle through the 3 different light levels.

3. All 4 nature sounds are gone, when set they sound BUZZ alarm only.

I've unplugged unit & pulled BATT's hoping to get unit to reset itself, but no luck. I'm very dissapointed with Timex. Very poor design. Poor quality. I will replace clock with a different brand.

Very disappointing
I bought one of these as I really liked the way it looked, and for the nature sound feature.

It takes a bit of effort to set the settings, as the instructions are confusing, at best.

The main problem, and the reason I will never buy a Timex clock radio again, is that after a few months, the volume began to get lower and lower, and the volume thumbwheel no longer worked, eventually, no sound at all. The clock worked fine.

I called SDI and they were willing to replace it if I sent in the deffective unit, but when I weighed the cost of shipping, etc, it was'nt worth it.

I called and expalined the problem to SDI Tech help, and they said they had no idea how this could happen.

Believe it or not, I bought another one, because I liked the look and features so much, and after a few months, it had the exact same problem. No more.

Very disappointing, beware.


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