Equity 30330 1-Inch LCD Green Display Alarm Clock

Equity 30330 1-Inch LCD Green Display Alarm Clock

Price: $12.99
Manufacturer: Equity Time USA
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The Equity 30330 has a black LCD readout with a soft green back light. Easy to read yet not annoying at night. The display measures an easy-to-read 1.2 inches and includes day and date on the readout. The " Night Vision" feature allows the readout to"glow" at night despite this being a battery operated clock.


  • Amazon Sales Rank: #12096 in Consumer Electronics
  • Brand: Equity Time
  • Model: 30330
  • Dimensions: 2.25" h x 3.25" w x 5.00" l, 1.10 pounds
  • Ascending alarm
  • 4 minute snooze
  • Soft green display
  • Quartz movement

Product Reviews

Great Little Alarm Clock!
I was looking for a small, pretty basic alarm clock and so glad I found the Equity 30330 because it suits my needs perfectly. I didn't want one with all the bells and whistles, my husband has had one like that on his side of the bed for 6 years and I still can't figure out how to work it. Some must haves for me were that it be cordless, and especially had a display light that wouldn't bother me when I was going to sleep (not too bright). Seems to me from reading some other reviews that this is a common issue with people. For me, the little lights on my DVD player even bother me so I was very hesitant to order any alarm clock online without seeing it in person but I'm very glad I took a shot. This nifty clock is just perfect for me, the display is dim (soothing on the eyes), not too dim that I can't read it but rather just perfect where it doesn't bother me at all when I go to sleep (I believe this is what they are referring to in the description as "nightvision"). It also has a display sensor where if you wave your hand over the snooze button, the display will temporarily light up much brighter (LOVE this feature). It's so easy to set and has not failed me even once. I LOVE the snooze because it will just keep going off until I finally get out of bed, my last alarm clock would snooze 2x and then turn off (of course I would still be sleeping after it turned off...not good). Not much else to say about this clock other than for $13.00 I'm very happy with it. Is it fancy? no but it is rather contemporary looking as opposed to many others I've seen. Basically, I'm up and on time every day, can't ask for more than that. I would definitely purchase this again and highly recommend it.

perfect size alarm clock, easy to set, great price!
I prefer a digital clock because the "tick tick tick" of an analog clock keeps me awake sometimes. I prefer not having an EMF-emitting device by my head all night -- however weak the emissions -- so I don't use a clock radio. This little digital clock is almost perfect! It's a great silvery blue, very appealing. It has a nice round size that fits comfortably in the hand. It is VERY easy to set, even when you're sleepy. Some digital devices require a handbook to figure out. This is completely intuitive. The numbers are sized big enough to read easily. My only issue is the light feature that is bright at night and dim in the daytime. I would prefer being able to activate the light feature myself when I want to see the time, rather than have it glow all night long.

Inexpensive alarm clock
I have used this alarm clock for a few weeks now, and it serves its purpose well - a simple battery operated alarm clock with an easy-to-read display. The display illuminates automatically when the room gets dark enough. It seems quite bright to me at night, but I would rather have that than not be able to read it. During the day, it is not really that easy to read, but activating the snooze button will illuminate the display. It is very easy to set, and the alarm is actually one of the most pleasant ones I have heard. It starts out low and builds as time goes by. I don't know how loud it gets because I hit snooze fairly quickly. The description says it uses a 9-volt battery, but mine uses 3 AA batteries. The only problem I have had with it is that the battery cover has come off a few times for no apparent reason. It is made in China and of cheap plastic, and I don't think it could withstand much abuse. Time will tell about battery life and durability.


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