Sound Box AM/FM clock Radio W

Sound Box AM/FM clock Radio W

Price: $22.62
Manufacturer: Accessories
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Sound Box AM/FM clock Radio W/ MP3 Hook-Up


  • Amazon Sales Rank: #61347 in Consumer Electronics
  • Brand: Sentry
  • Dimensions: 6.50" h x 10.00" w x 7.50" l, 4.25 pounds
  • Classic retro design meets digital-age functionality
  • Cool black teak with burnished aluminum panel, blue back-lit displays and controls
  • AM-FM radio with pop-up MP3/iPod cradle/input; holds all player models (MP3 player not included)
  • Premium 4" speaker delivers rich, clear sound quality; digital alarm with day/date/time
  • Efficient size fits anywhere; 9"W x 6"D X 5.5"H, 3.5 lbs. ETL-listed, one-year warranty

Product Reviews

inexpensive table radio
If you're like me you've been looking at table radio's and wondering if there is such a thing anymore as a reasonably priced one. I happened upon this one for a good price and thought I'd give it a shot.

First I'll start this review on a positive note by saying the unit looks very nice. Although, the face is entirely made of plastic, it looks very much like an expensive piece of aluminum. The sound quality of this unit is not bad at all. In fact, when I first bought it I was listening in a noisy environment and thought, wow, I actually got a great deal! FM reception is pretty good and it does have an external wire antenna. The controls feel good and the tuning is geared down so that you can tune with precision feel. It's usefulness as a clock radio is questionable. The controls are on the back. However, it is nice as a "radio with a clock". The clock shows the time, month, day and day of the week.

Ugliness reared it's head the first time I turned this unit on in a quiet environment. It has a horrible hum that is very pronounced. This hum is at a constant level. The louder you make the music, the less you notice the hum. So, when listening in a quiet environment the hum is very bad.

Did I just happen to get a bad unit? Maybe. If you find that your unit doesn't have the hum problem please posts here as I wouldn't mind buying another one if I knew the hum wouldn't be a problem. I actually spent an evening taking mine apart, removing the built-in AC supply, and wiring it to an external "wall wart" type 12v dc power supply. Without the hum problem it's a nice unit.

You get what you pay for
This radio has a good sound for a small room like a bath room. However with all the technology they put into this radio, they put the worst volume & radio dial I've ever seen. It's loaded with sticky grease and breaks easy. If they would upgrade to better switches, this would be a nice radio. Ive had 2 of these units and both of them had faulty on/off volume knobs. The first one lasted for about a year before it broke while turning it off. The other was broken right of the box. There won't be a third. If you want something that will last, pay the extra money for a better brand of radio and save yourself the agravation.

Sentry radio
Problems as soon as I opened it. Clock did not light. Instructions said push reset button on back. There isn't one. Am /fm aux switch has to be coaxed on each selection to make proper contact. Mp3 player wouldn't work when attached to unit. This isn't a clock radio. It's a radio with a cheap digital clock and an alarm. No wake up music. Company is replacing whole unit.....without postage on my part. Expect, however, will eventually ask for refund. Don't buy this unit.


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