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Make sure your on time while on the road with this Indiglo travel alarm clock


  • Amazon Sales Rank: #3473 in Kitchen & Housewares
  • Brand: Elgin
  • Model: 3502E
  • Dimensions: 4.00" h x 5.00" w x 5.00" l, .38 pounds
  • When you're on the road you can't afford to rely on wake-up calls or whatever alarm clock happens to be in your room
  • With this handy & easily transportable travel alarm clock you will always have your own personal wake-up call whenever you need it
  • Protective cover keeps your clock safe from the elements & rigors of travel
  • Indiglo feature makes it easy to tell time in the dark
  • Other features include - accurate quartz movement

Product Reviews

Can't break it
I have dropped this thing on the floor, stepped on it, spilled water all over it. I lost the back and the batteries were held in by masking tape and it still worked. Simple, but effective.

4 minute snooze & more
I didn't see this anywhere before I bought this item, but it only snoozes for 4 minutes. It has an annoying alarm that is sure to wake and irritate you and when you press snooze (or turn on the night light) it emits a high pitch whine that is sure to drive away dogs. It has a single alarm that is easy to set. It is small and folds up for travel.

Great Little Alarm Clock
Nice, uncomplicated, functional travel alarm clock. First of all, the package was EASY to open -- doesn't require a hacksaw and axe, like most packages do these days. Secondly, the instructions were written in CLEAR ENGLISH -- not weird unintelligible international symbols and directions in ten different languages with the English being butchered beyond comprehension. And thirdly, the clock is simple to set up and operate. Very user-friendly. Does what it says it's going to do. Alarm starts off softly then gets more frantic as seconds tick by and you haven't turned it off -- perfect for my waking-up habits. It's the right size -- very compact -- has a nice big display, big snooze button -- all in all, about as perfect as a product can be. My compliments to Elgin.


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