Emerson Digital CD Clock Radio - Silver (CKD9902)

Emerson Digital CD Clock Radio - Silver (CKD9902)

Price: $24.99
Manufacturer: Emerson Radio Corp.
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  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: Emerson
  • Dimensions: 3.08 pounds

Product Reviews

Will destroy your CDs
It won't play even BRAND NEW mint condition CDs (they just skip). And, to my horror, when you take the CDs out there are big circular scratches around them. I lost two good CDs thanks to this piece of garbage. This "CD Clock Radio" is the worst purchase I have ever made. AVOID!

Totally unreliable
I bought this piece of garbage less than a month ago, threw away the box and have been very upset since. The directions say to insert a battery because the unit is very sensitive to power blips. The time is totally wrong most of the time! My old clock was plugged into the exact same outlet and I had no problem with it. I have changed batteries three times and still no luck. Also, there is no way to wake up to "random" playing on the cd, so every morning I wake up to the same notes from the first song. I wouldn't buy this if I were you. I can't return it (they want $9 for postage and I don't have the box), so I am out of luck and wasted my money.

Bad on many levels!
Bought this clock because I wanted one I could wake up to a CD. This one was the wrong choice! The clock is fast and requires resetting every couple days, the buttons are too small to find in the dark and the light is much too bright. For the cost of this clock, spend the extra $5 and get one that works.


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