Emerson AM/FM Clock Radio with CD Player and Remote Control – CKD2330

Emerson AM/FM Clock Radio with CD Player and Remote Control – CKD2330

Manufacturer: Funai Corp.
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Funai Electric is engaged in the development, manufacture, marketing and distribution of information and communication equipment such as Internet Access Terminal, Computer peripherals, Audio-visual devices, Video, Television, TeleVideos, DVD Players, Home electrical appliances.


  • Amazon Sales Rank: #63356 in Consumer Electronics
  • Brand: Emerson
  • Model: CKD2330
  • Dimensions: 4.00 pounds
  • CD Stereo Clock Radio

Product Reviews

Laughably bad
This is such a bad product. I seriously want my money back, but it's not even worth the hassle. Luckily, I decided to use it as my CD player in my bedroom, and not as an alarm clock. I keep this thing all the way across the bedroom from my bed, and I STILL have to drape heavy clothing over it every night in order to be able to sleep, and I am NOT a sensitive sleeper. The display is so freakishly bright, it actually illuminates my entire (rather large) bedroom with it's horrible blue glow. There's some garbage about an "automatic dimmer" in the description of this product, but that is pure bull. It's supposed to dim when the lights go out, but if anything, it actually gets brighter. I cannot imagine how anyone can sleep with this next to their beds. Furthermore, what's the point of the horrifically bright time display if you can't ever read the time unless you're facing it directly face-on, and about an inch from the display? Whoever designed this is an idiot, as the bright blue background almost completely obscures the black numbers that show the time. The colors are too close in tone or brightness for there to be enough contrast to read what the display says.

Another problem, and this one is even "funnier" than the aforementioned: as we speak, my month-old Emerson clock-radio is speeding through the time, literally. It has some weird tick, where, if you use the remote control to control the volume, it affects the minutes part of the time as well as the volume. If you hold down the up or down volume buttons for any amount of time, the minutes start freaking out uncontrollably. For instance, as I write, my clock is going through 11 am over and over and over again at warp speed. It would be funny if I didn't pay for this piece of garbage.

All of that being said, the CD player in my experience is serviceable. Mine plays burned CDs as well as normal ones. The sound quality is decent for such a small player.

If you are thinking of getting this as a clock or alarm, please think carefully: the screwed up volume-time function, the horribly bright display, and the almost complete lack of contrast between the time digits and background make this virtually unuseable as an alarm clock.

There isn't 4.5 stars
Well, I just bought this today, and I loved it ever since I've had it. Blue lighting, auto dimmer, so many options. This was the cheapest I found with the standards I had (digital tuning, CD player, etc.) The remote is very useful, but too bad they don't save the radio stations (have to tune every time). But they do save the order of how you want your tracks to be played on your CD. The motorized door is such a special thing. The themal snooze is also sweet, so you don't have to find the snooze button to keep on sleeping. I did find it hard to use set the minutes and hours for the alarm and clock (hit one accidentally). But, the light on the side of the glass makes up for all of that (it looks so cool...) Pros: Digital FM/AM radio Motorized door to play CD Auto Dimmer CD-RW player Thermal snooze 2 3 inch speakers 2 antennas (for AM and FM) Memory for track order Cons: Confusing for setting time and alarm Small wire is antenna for FM radio No saved radio stations Knob used for tuning Have to hit the alarm off button after snooze (probably standard for all alarm clocks) If they had saved radio stations, I would've given this a 5. Its kind of a hassle using the knob to get to the exact station.

The only thing I have to complain about my new alarm clock is the display. It is WAY too bright, more of a night-light than an alarm clock display. Also, the numbers are hard to see from an angle. But I bought the product for it's touchless snooze, which I've looked for to replace my circa 1985 SounDesign alarm clock with. It took me several years, and many alarm clock purchases to find one I'm happy with. The controls are easy to figure out, and it has great sound, so I'm satisfied. I think I'll find some window-tint film to put over the alarm clock display.


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