Sony ICF-CD7000WC 120 v AM/FM Stereo CD Clock Radio-Silver

Sony ICF-CD7000WC 120 v AM/FM Stereo CD Clock Radio-Silver

Manufacturer: Sony
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Stylish and interior conscious - distinguishes this versatile system from ordinary looking clock radios while compact styling also saves space on your nightstand


  • Amazon Sales Rank: #22544 in Consumer Electronics
  • Color: White
  • Brand: Sony
  • Model: ICFCD7000WHT
  • Dimensions: 7.90" h x 8.90" w x 10.40" l, 4.26 pounds
  • Stylish design with built in MP3 cable
  • Sophisticated LCD Display
  • Auto Time Set
  • Dual Alarm
  • AM/FM digital tuner

Product Reviews

VERY nice machine ...
I have finally come full-circle: I started with a Sony DreamMachine about 10 years ago, and after going through a couple of other brands/configurations, I'm finally back to a Sony.

This is a nice unit -- decent sound, OK radio reception, good CD player, great features. Although the color is listed as "white," it's really more of a light putty color, very pale gray.

The biggest advantage of this unit over others I've tried is EASE OF USE and set-up. The "owner's manual" is small because everything is so straightforward and easy to find/operate.

Initial set-up takes less than a second: the clock arrives preset to the correct time in EST; all you do is set the time zone by hitting the button marked "time zone," and voilà -- the correct time pops in. Setting the alarm is also easy - took less than a minute to get it ready to go.

There are three light settings: really bright, reasonably bright, and backlight only, controlled via the "snooze" bar. The snooze gives you 10 minutes additional sleep time -- my last unit was 9 minutes, and I've had others with as few as 6 minutes. Ten "feels" just right to me. I can fall asleep to a CD, and wake to the "buzzer," which isn't really a buzzer at all -- more like a "chirp" that gradually gets louder, another nice feature. There's also a "nap" feature -- set it to your desired nap length, and it will wake you up without disturbing your alarm setting.

And, best of all, unlike other Sony models, this one has battery backup! If there's a power outage, you're safe. This is a big thing for me -- we have power outages 3-4 times each winter.

Very nice unit, well worth the money.

Sony Stereo CD Clock Radio--best I could find
After viewing other reviews, I decided to purchase one and am not sorry that I did. It is the best alarm/clock/radio/CD player I've ever had...

Positive notes:
1) The speakers are much better quality than I expected;
2) The two alarm settings are super easy to set and turn on and off;
3) The alarm is a sort of short beep that starts very soft and gets louder the longer you let it go -- I really like this feature because my other alarm clock made me jump when it came on.
4) Backup battery in case of power failure (a must in my country home)
5) Adjustable background lighting via the snooze bar -- some complained it kept them awake, which made me wonder if they know it is adjustable; when you first plug it in, it is set on the brightest setting. I didn't find the lowest setting bothersome at all and loved that I could easily make it super-bright if I wanted to try to find something without turning on a light
6) A nice large snooze button that you can't miss even with your eyes closed, and the display shows you how many snooze minutes it is set for
6) I can plug-in my MP3 player, which is a nice plus

I only had a couple "I wish it had/could" items:
1) a plug-in for headphones
2) a way to play a CD over and over for a certain period of time because I like to listen to my nature sounds CDs longer than the length of the CD -- if it has this function I missed it;
3) the reception of the radio isn't excellent -- it fades in and out sometimes, but its better than other clock radios that I've had

Top quality bedside alarm system
This cool looking alarm does exactly what I want an alarm to do. I can go to sleep listening to a CD or radio and wake to CD, radio or alarm. I haven't tried the MP3 connection yet but that offers me another option. I live in a "fringe" FM signal area and the included wire antenna brings a reception as good as any other I've tried.
Sound quality is better then most FM/AM radio alarms I've used. I like the option of falling asleep using one sound source and waken by another source. Two different alarm settings is a very useful feature. Three levels of lighting are available, the brightest will light up a room! The back light alone is more light then I want. It would be nice if that could be lowered or turned off. After much searching, this alarm is the best I have investigated, with the most useful features.


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