CD Player with dual Alarm Clock

CD Player with dual Alarm Clock

Price: $19.99
Manufacturer: Coby
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Big 4 Digit LED Display / Dual Alarm Function / Sleep Timer / Wake to Disc - Radio-station - Buzzer AM/FM Stereo Tuner Wake to CD, Radio or Alarm Snooze Function PM LED Indicator Battery Back Up with 9V Battery (Not Included) Wide Range Speaker System 110V/220V Dual Voltage Unit Dimensions - 8.25 x 4 x 8.25 (WHD)


  • Amazon Sales Rank: #15683 in Consumer Electronics
  • Brand: Coby
  • Model: CD-RA145
  • Original language: English
  • Dimensions: 6.00" h x 7.00" w x 9.00" l, 4.31 pounds
  • Top Loading Compact Disc Player
  • Programmable Track Memory
  • Big 4 Digit LED Display
  • Dual Alarm Function
  • Play/Pause, Search, Repeat (One or All) Functions

Product Reviews

We are pleased.
I bought this radio as a Christmas present for an office mate. I wanted something small and not too expensive since in an office building things can disapear. The reception in the building is ususaly not so good and that was a concern. Three months later I am happy to report that this one works fine. We have had no problems with the radio or the CD player.

Very Disappointed
My wife purchased this alarm clock for me for Christmas 2007. It is the second piece of Coby electronic equipment that I've owned. My experience is that Coby builds extremely CHEAP (meaning, poor quality) products. My complaints with this product are:

1) The product does not keep accurate time (gains about 7-8 minutes per month - most likely an electronics design flaw that recurs in each of these alarm clocks).
2) The product "hums" through the speakers (a short in the internal electronics due to poor circuit board design - also a design flaw that probably recurs in each of these alarm clocks). Interestingly, when the product is powered ON, like when the user wants to listen to a CD but hasn't yet hit the play button, the humming quits. BUT, if the unit is left ON accidentally, the alarm does NOT work. I know. I powered the unit ON to get the annoying humming to stop and was late to work the next day because the alarm never sounded.
3) CD door is overly difficult to open and close (a coefficient of friction design flaw that is also recurring, probably).
4) The LED display is overly bright and no dimmer switch is featured (yet another design flaw).
5) All plastic parts are extremely cheap. White plastic cabinet parts are not the same color of white (do not match). Silver paint on buttons will obviously soon wear off, etc.

While this alarm clock had all of the features that I was looking for in an alarm clock (except for the dimmer switch), the aforementioned list of design flaws forced me to return the product as defective. Bottom line: VERY CHEAPLY BUILT!

A GREAT CD player/alarm clock!
I bought this for my husband for our anniversary. He had an old alarm clock that was hard to set. This one is great. Simple to use, to set, to play, everything is marked very clearly. I get up half an hour earlier than he does, so it is fantastic to have a dual alarm. We wake up to a CD. It also sounds great! We can listen to our CD's without having an extra CD player taking up room. I have had no problems with it at all!!


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