jWin JL-CD811 CD Clock Radio

jWin JL-CD811 CD Clock Radio

Price: $83.99
Manufacturer: JWIN
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Jwin JL-CD811 CD Player with AM/FM Dual Alarm Clock Radio * Stylish Modern Design * Splendid Jumbo Negative LCD Screen * Alarm Clock with High Precision Top Loading CD Player * AM/FM Stereo Tuner with A/D Type of Tuning Knob * Snooze/Alarm Function Support * Wake to Buzzer, Radio or CDe* Sleep-to-Music Function Support (59 Min. Max) * 3 Different Play Modes for CD Playback (Repeat 1, Repeat All, Random) * Built-in Programmable Memory for 20 Audio tracks * Supports CD/CD-R/CD-RW * 9V Battery Backup for Clock and Alarm Settings (9V Battery is Not included) * Radio Frequency Ranges: - AM: 530 ~ 1710 kHz - FM: 87.50 ~ 108.00 MHz * Power Sources: 110Vac / 60Hz * LCD Size: 6.3 x 2 (INCH)


  • Amazon Sales Rank: #44146 in Consumer Electronics
  • Brand: jWIN
  • Model: JL-CD811
  • Dimensions: 3.31" h x 8.66" w x 7.87" l, 4.80 pounds
  • Stylish clock radio with top-loading CD player and digital AM/FM tuner
  • Supports CD, CD-R, and CD-RW formats; dual alarm function for 2-person households
  • Playback functions include random play and repeat (1 and all tracks) play
  • Easy-to-read jumbo LCD screen; adjustable sleep timer (59 minutes max)
  • 9-volt battery backup; measures 8.66 by 3.31 by 7.86 inches (W x H x D)

Product Reviews

Take your wake-up music out of the hands of DJs and create your own morning soundtrack with this jWin CD clock radio. Compatible with CDs, CD-Rs, and CD-RWs, the JL-CD811 plays both prerecorded and custom-burned albums, so you can build song compilations on your computer and listen to them through the radio's side speakers. As an alternative, you can turn to the digital AM/FM tuner to enjoy such standbys as NPR, talk radio news, and drive-time morning hosts, or simply set the alarm to sound an old-school buzzer each morning. And thanks to such CD playback options as repeat (one and all tracks) and random play, the device excels in non-alarm locations as well, such as in kitchens or garages. All this in a stylish, modern housing that takes up a minimum of space (the device measures 8.66 by 3.31 by 7.86 inches).

Additional features include a dual alarm function, which sounds two different alarms each morning so users can wake up on their own schedules; an easy-to-read oversized LCD screen; an adjustable sleep timer (59 minutes maximum); and a snooze alarm. The device runs on AC power but includes a 9-volt battery backup that preserves the settings should the power fail.

What's in the Box
JL-CD811 clock radio, user's manual.

bright, poor audio quality, did i say BRIGHT
even though this radio is cheap, I still expected something, anything, and what I got is an extra bright night light that keeps my gf up, and as a consequence i'm looking for another decent alarm. Did i mention it runs slow for me? It slows about 1 min per day, which is not a good feature in an alarm clock

Don't buy this alarm clock! This CD alarm clock was a huge disappointment for me.

Things I like about this clock:

1. Big snooze button
2. Styling is decent

Things I hate about this clock:

1. Illegible in the dark -- the portions of the display AROUND the numbers are so bright that there isn't enough contrast between the "background" and the numbers. As a result, the numbers are illegible at night.

2. Blindingly bright in the dark -- Even on the "dim" setting, the display will blind you if you try to view it in the dark.

3. The labels for the various alarm settings (on, off, auto, buzzer) are misaligned with the slider switch that controls them. When you adjust the switch to the "on" position, the alarm is actually off. When you adjust the switch to the "off" position, the alarm is actually on "auto", etc. A nightmare.

4. The alarm functions are ridiculously complicated to set. Want to wake up to the sound of your favorite CD? Be sure to keep handy the owner's manual to remind you of the seven-step procedure you need to follow to set the alarm to play a CD.

Not worth the money. Not worth any money, in fact. It's on its way to the Salvation Army.

Display could be better
The clock display does not match the photo above. The dark (background) area is actually lit up (a darker blue than the clock numerals) and it lights up the entire room at night. Audio quality is loud and clear, pretty good for the price.


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