Timex T300B Digital Tuning Clock Radio with Nature Sounds

Timex T300B Digital Tuning Clock Radio with Nature Sounds

Manufacturer: Timex
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  • Amazon Sales Rank: #64060 in Consumer Electronics
  • Brand: Timex
  • Model: T300B
  • Wake to AM/FM radio, buzzer, or 4 nature sounds
  • Triple-alarm system
  • Digital AM/FM radio
  • 18 preset station memories, 12 FM and 6 AM
  • Amber-glow LCD screen with backlight

Product Reviews

If you need assurance that you'll wake up in the morning, the Timex T300B digital tuning clock radio with nature sounds provides three separate alarms. You can choose from four nature sounds for the alarm: brook, ocean, wind, and forest. The digital AM/FM radio features 18 preset station memories, and the LCD display is backlit with an amber glow.

Terrific value. Some unneeded features.
I am happy with this alarm clock. Period. It has some awesome features that I haven't seen on any other alarm clock. It also has some less useful features, but even if these were magically eliminated, you would still be left with a great clock.

UNIQUE and terrific features: 1. Sleep function: 90/60/30/15 min countdown at Normal/Low/Very Low volume. Here's the best part: the volume control on the side is over-ridden by the 3 sound levels. So if you want to fall asleep to low volume, the wake to radio alarm is at normal volume. (I don't know what Denys was talking about in previous review) Also, it can be a completely different station than the one you fell asleep to. 2. 3 alarms: radio or buzzer or nature or any combo. Easy to set a sort of progressive wake sequence: 1st alarm nature sound, then later radio, then last brain-splitting beeping. (see drawbacks below) 3. digital tuner. Try to find this feature in another clock for this price. Great reception. 12 FM presets (lots), plus 6 AM.

Other good features: decent sound from single speaker, three light levels from backlit display (though I would have preferred Indiglo), date on display, unlike others here I found it to be very easy to set all features "Buzzer" very much resembles the "beep" of a Timex watch, but much louder. The rhythm of the beeping increases every 10 sec or so. I'm a deep sleeper, and this works well.

DRAWBACKS (that would not keep me from buying this clock again, but why I gave it 4/5): 1. buttons a bit cheap feeling... whadya want for this price 2. clock/alarm set is forward only (bad), although you set hour/min separately (good). My last alarm clock had fast/slow, and you had to count around the clock to set something earlier - this drove me crazy. How hard could it have been to have up/down buttons? And there are already tuner up/down buttons there! 3. I was hoping (but not really expecting) that there was a bit more flexibility with the 3 alarms: ie. possible to set buzzer for all 3. Alas, the 3 alarms are one each of radio/buzzer/nature. 4. Nature sounds. All resemble white noise, as if recorded with a bad microphone. Not great for relaxing prior to sleep. However, surprisingly unobtrusive way to wake up in morning. 5. Backlit display on the lowest level is still a bit bright after your eyes have adjusted to dark.

Cheers Stink

I'll wear my sunglasses at night -- now.
I don't know why everyone is having such a hard time using the clock, I'm not Bob Vila, but after reading a few pages in the manual, the clock was very easy to program.
I prefer to wake up to the babbling brook sound (even though it sounds more like an aviary than a brook) and I love the fact that you can go to sleep with one radio station on at a certain volume and wake up with a different station on at a different volume. The digital tuner works great, I always had a hard time getting "dial radio" reception on my old, clock radio but the tuner on the Timex is superb. The sound quality of the speaker is nice. I agree with another reviewer-- the ocean and the wind sound very . . . how do you say . . . creepy, like something you'd hear in a bad Dr. Who episode.
THE BIGGEST DRAWBACK: The display is way too bright. I'm convinced that it's screwing up my melatonin production! There are three settings for the brightness, 1) forest fire 2) day at the beach or 3) staring at the sun. And the color of the display is very annoying. Perhaps if it was tinted blue instead of orange it may be a little more soothing (like an alien ship stopping by my room in the middle of the night rather than the feeling that you get if you left every light on in the house before you hit the sack).
THE BEST FEATURE: Definitely, the alarm options. I haven't slept through my alarm yet (something that I consistently did in the past with my old Panasonic clock radio).
WOULD BE SWELL IF THEY COULD...: Change the display and had some better "nature sounds" or added a Zen chime.

Timex T300B Buttons too small...
This clock radio has great radio sound (thats why I bought it). However, the buttons are way too small and there are too many of them so changing the alarm is too complicated. I am never sure if I have set it correctly. The time is large enough but the backround color is strange looking in a dark room. Also, it is difficult to see if the alarm is set while I am in bed.


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