Sony ICF-C414 Clock Radio with Large 1.4 LED Display

Sony ICF-C414 Clock Radio with Large 1.4 LED Display

Price: $17.57
Manufacturer: Sony
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1.4" Large LED Display, Stylish Floating Design, Auto Time Set, Auto Daylight Savings Time, No Power No Problem Alarm System, Dual Alarm


  • Amazon Sales Rank: #1480 in Consumer Electronics
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Sony
  • Model: ICF-C414
  • Dimensions: 3.00 pounds
  • Stylish "floating" design
  • Automatic time set
  • Automatic daylight savings time adjustment
  • No power, no problem alarm system
  • Dual alarm

Product Reviews

Great Simple Alarm Clock
I bought this to replace my old alarm clock. It has a sleek design that takes up very little space. It has two alarms and can be set to radio, beeps or songs and has an adjustable snooze setting. The built in radio works well and there's a sleep setting so that if you like to fall asleep to the radio you can have it automatically shut off after a certain amount of time.

It has an adjustable brightness level, but I found its default/highest level to be suitable. At that level it's bright enough to see in the dark, but not bright enough to keep me up. The alarm is easy to wake up to and gradually gets louder on the beep setting. It automatically set itself to the correct time and date as soon as I plugged it in, all I had to do is set the time zone. It has a DST feature that can be turned off or on.

The only feature lacking is the ability to customize the alarm for either weekdays, weekends or both. It's not a big deal, especially with two alarms but it would have been nice. Overall I'm very pleased with this alarm clock.

The item description is very accurate. If you want a dual alarm clock radio similar to those from 10 years ago, that is exactly what you will get and that is why I ordered it. Nothing fancy, just basic but with the Sony dependability. There are a few nice things though - the time is preset, options for the dual alarms sound, adjustable brightness, battery backup, very easy to operate and the AM radio actually works well, unlike other clock radios. This clock radio has no frills but for the price, it is good and dependable.

Bare bones deluxe
Takes up little space on the night stand
Easy to set up
Big Green LEDs
Alarm works even when the power is out
Radio is adequate

Not exactly so great:
Rear speaker, not audiophile sound quality, but it's a $20 clock radio, so...
Sort of weird gradual alarm
Analog radio dial, no station presets, but that's to be expected

You can't plug your iPod into this clock radio. It's not voice activated. It's not solar powered. It is just a good solid alarm clock.


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