Emerson Dual Alarm SmartSet Clock Radio with 1.3" Red Display

Emerson Dual Alarm SmartSet Clock Radio with 1.3" Red Display

Price: $17.99
Manufacturer: Emerson
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AM/FM Dual Alarm Clock Radio


  • Amazon Sales Rank: #58295 in Consumer Electronics
  • Brand: Emerson
  • Clock Radio
  • Analog, AM/FM Tuner
  • Additional Functions: Buzzer, Alarm Clock, AM/FM Radio, Built-In Digital Clock, Cooler
  • Built-In Speaker
  • Features Sleep Timer, Analog Tuner, Built-In Speaker, LED Display Screen, Separate Weekday Alarm Setting, 90-Min. Sleep Timer, Sure Alarm Battery Backup to Ensure You Wakeup, Patented SmartSet Automatic Time Setting System
  • Operational Modes: Sleep Mode, Convenient Snooze Button, On/Off Mode, Volume Control, Snooze Mode
  • Audio Features: Adjustable Volume, AM/FM Radio
  • Other Features: Dual Alarm, Battery Back Up
  • Yes; Uses 1 Rechargeable Li-ion
  • 8 x 4 x 4 "

Product Reviews

This is an excellent clock radio and a great value!
After buying and returning four clock radios, I purchased this Emerson Dual Alarm Smartset Clock Radio. I am very pleased with this product and here are the reasons:
- Clock comes with battery back-up.
- Automatically sets time (and date), just plug it into the wall. This is an amazing feature
- Red LEDs are much less glaring than other colors - this makes it easier to sleep with. This is because red light has shorter wavelengths. Fewer and fewer clocks offer red LEDs.
- Dual alarms
- Excellent construction. Construction quality is an issue across the board for this type of clock radio. The Tuner and Volume dials are stiff and stay in position.
- A great price.

I only wish it had a built-in CD player.

Bad display
We bought this alarm clock less than a week ago at our local Target and already the display is on the fritz. Based on another bad review for this product on the Target site, I will not merely exchange this one for another of the same type, but for a completely different brand or style.


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