Sangean RCR-5 Digital AM/FM Clock Radio

Price: $46.73
Manufacturer: Sangean America, Inc.
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Sangean's latest digital RCR-5 AM/FM clock radio is as attractive as it is unique offering features and performance generally found in the most expensive clock radios. Dual Alarm Timers for both "Waking Up to Radio" and/or "Waking up to HWS Buzzer" at different times for week days, weekends, daily or just once. Has both "Sleep" and "Nap" and "Snooze" timers if you need a little extra sleep. "Aux" input allows listening to your CD or any audio device through the RCR-5 radio.


  • Amazon Sales Rank: #2430 in Consumer Electronics
  • Color: White
  • Brand: Sangean America, Inc.
  • Model: RCR-5
  • Dimensions: 2.00" h x 5.57" w x 7.00" l, 1.20 pounds
  • Digital tuner with 10 station presets
  • Dual alarms with "human wake" buzzer
  • Set recurring alarms for daily, weekends, and weekdays
  • Sleep timer (15-120 minutes)
  • Includes AC Power Adapter

Product Reviews

Most Impressive!
I have nothing but praise for the Sangean RCR-5 clock radio. Specifically, here are the most noteworthy aspects of this truly amazing product:

Here is where the RCR-5 truly shines, as it incorporates a backlit LCD with adjustable intensity: one may adjust the backlight to suit your needs, so you have a perfectly legible, yet not too bright display (at night) which can never be "washed out", even in direct sunlight. The display even has a clever feature whereby it will illuminate to full intensity when any of the buttons are pressed, after which it returns to the user's preset intensity after ten seconds. As you can see from the product photos, the display is of a soft, warm color, most conducive to a good sleeping environment; other clock radios using bright blue or green illumination, IMHO, should be avoided if you want to get any sleep.

Auxiliary Input
Very useful for listening to my podcasts at night; when an external source is attached, the Band button will cycle through AM/FM/AU; when none is attached, only AM/FM are available, thereby eliminating "clutter" for those who do not wish to enable this feature. (Note: I'm old-school, and prefer using this method over a "Dockable" iPod solution, as I prefer to completely run my iPod's battery source to zero before recharging...)

Flexibility in Programming
Only found on more expensive clock radios, this model will allow you to use the "Sleep" feature to listen to a particular station (or podcast with the Auxiliary feature) at night, and then to wake to radio on a different station. In addition, all alarms allow Daily, Mon-Fri, or Single, with the Audible Alarm using a gentle "ramp-up" feature.

Reception and Speaker Quality
The radio's receiver portion of this product is very good, rivaled by only my Sony short wave receiver (a great radio, by the way!); what looks like a 3-inch speaker provides a very warm, intelligible output, very suitable for the spoken word, adequate for music. If you need a strong system for powerful music, I would suggest purchasing an additional desktop speaker setup (such as for a computer) which can be attached to the headphone output by means of a standard mini-jack connection.

Finally, a no-nonsense Sleep function
Sangean has cleverly incorporated the Sleep function into the Power button (which is gently illuminated when the radio's off); to turn the radio on or off, press the button. To use the Sleep feature, press and hold the same button to select up to 120 minutes. Simple, effective, "it just works".

Final Recommendation
Well, what more can I say? This product works for me (and I'm purchasing three more for gifts) and has a lot going for it, including high value (very reasonably priced!). Is there anything that you should be aware of? Yes:

> As described in the previous customer's entry, setting the alarm may require a few extra key-strokes, as this product offers many options when it comes to waking by either the alarm or the radio; if you do not need all of these features, you may wish to consider something of simpler means. That being said, it took me only about 22 seconds to set the alarm; for me, it was relatively intuitive and logical.

> The built-in battery back up feature only works for about ten minutes worth of backup, according to the manual; in my neck of the woods, this is not a big issue, but should be noted if you experience many nighttime blackouts where you are located.

> Even though this model is referred to as an "RCR-5", it should be noted that it does not employ an automatic time synchronization feature as is found on Sangean's higher end clock radios. (Not a big issue for me, and may actually be desirable for those of us who prefer to set our clocks 5, 10, or 15 minutes fast to "keep us on time"!)

I hope this helps you in making the right decision! All the best!

High Quality Digital Clock Radio that looks like one too!
I started realizing the quality of this radio as soon as I held the box it came in. It's well packaged in heavy cardboard throughout. Take the radio out and look it over; you can tell this is not your everyday clock radio you find in all the stores. It's built solid and the buttons and controls feel solid. The sound is much better than any clock radio I've ever owned in this price range. The display is easy to see from all angles and not too brite. The amber is soft on your eyes unlike some of the blues and greens out there. Setting the alarms is slightless less intuitive then it could be but it's easy once you do it a few times (the reason for the 4 out of 5 stars). Products like this are few and far between these days. High quality and does what it is made to do very well without looking like an alien aircraft with unessessary bells and whistles. Very possibly the best engineered clock radio for under $50. Im very happy with my purchase.

a QUALITY clock radio...
I have to say that I'm quite impressed by the QUALITY of the Sangean RCR-5 clock radio. Quite a bit of great detail has already been mentioned in a fine way by a previous reviewer. I just have to say that I'm really impressed at how clear the radio reception is...absolutely NO drift, it locks onto the radio frequency and stays there! And the sound from the speaker (even if it is just a single speaker) is rather impressive...I've never heard a speaker sound so clear, crisp, and distinct, whether it be music or spoken word! I also like how smooth the volume control feels. It keeps great time with an easy-to-view display, and wakes you up comfortably with its "humane waking system." Some people have noted that the settings for the clock are too complex and complicated, but I frankly didn't experience any problems in that sense. Of course, it does not have the atomic clock updating, nor does it have a built-in cd player, but it does have the auxillary input, if you wanted to connect a cd player or mp3 player. Overall, I have to say that certainly alot of thought has gone into the designing of the Sangean RCR-5...this certainly is NO ordinary clock's a finely-crafted instrument!


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