Altec Lansing M402SR Moondance Glow Speaker System with Clock Radio, Snooze Remote, and iPod Dock (Black)

Altec Lansing M402SR Moondance Glow Speaker System with Clock Radio, Snooze Remote, and iPod Dock (Black)

Price: $99.80
Manufacturer: Altec Lansing Technologies
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  • Color: black
  • Brand: Altec Lansing
  • Model: M402SR
  • Original language: English
  • Dimensions: 7.25" h x 14.25" w x 6.50" l, 3.50 pounds
  • Compatibility: iPod mini; iPod nano 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G; iPod classic 4G, 5G, 5.5G, 6G; iPod touch 1G, 2G
  • Rear mood lighting provides a soothing, diffused lighting effect--choose your color and intensity
  • FM Radio with four station presets and wire antenna for superior reception
  • Dual alarms allow you to wake to your iPod, radio, or alarm; wireless snooze remote included
  • 1-year limited warranty

Product Reviews Product Description -- Posted November 21, 2008
The Altec Lansing M402SR Moondance Glow packages iPod/MP3-player functionality with an alarm clock, wireless remote snooze, and FM radio--plus a multicolored nightlight function--to create an exceptionally unique bedroom-specific sound system.

Altec Lansing packaged its renowned audio performance into an elegant, compact alarm clock, with a unique wireless snooze remote. Click to enlarge.

With its two 3-inch full-range drivers and a unique multicolor, diffused illumination system, the Moondance Glow is a genuine delight of sound--and sight!

The integrated diffused lighting system allows lets you set the perfect illuminated ambiance with 17 user-definable colors, various brightness intensities, and manually activated on/off. Click to enlarge.

A remote control is included. Click to enlarge.

Escape to Your Musical Oasis
The bedroom has become important personal living space--a sanctuary, an oasis, and a place to recharge. More than just a bedside alarm clock, the Moondance Glow is designed with a feature set that dramatically enhances the bedroom environment. Altec Lansing started with big audio and then added the iPod dock and alarm clock. The system features two 3-inch full-range drivers that deliver exceptional stereo clarity.

Adjustable Lighting Sets the Mood
Understanding that the bedroom is a place with many moods, Altec Lansing added a diffused lighting system that lets you select between 17 colors and any intensity to create the perfect illuminated ambiance. It's perfect for individual use, for entertaining, or as a white-noise-and-nighlight system for a child's bedroom.

Innovative Snooze Remote Eases Your Morning
The Moondance Glow has a remote snooze alarm that enables this audio system to be placed anywhere in the bedroom for the best room-filling sound--not just on the bedside table like other alarm clocks. Simply touch the snooze alarm pad on the bedside table and, using a wireless RF signal, the alarm goes off across the room. This remote also serves to pause and play your tunes anytime during the day. The system's dual alarms allow you to wake by iPod, radio, another audio device, or alarm buzz.

Full-featured Clock Display and Additional Features
The visual command center is informative, intuitive, and user-adjustable, such as the light intensity and the size of clock digits. The LCD displays scrolling song and FM station data (RDS). The FM tuner has four station presets and wire antenna for superior reception. Back-lit touch capacitive buttons allow control of the system with the whisper press of a fingertip. Or, a remote control (separate from the wireless snooze control) provides across-the-room command of the speaker system functions, FM radio, alarm, and playlist song navigation. An auxiliary input connects a second audio source, including CD, DVD, and other MP3 players. And the Moondance Glow will keep your iPod charged, always ready to take and go.

Its compact size (12.2 x 3.1 x 5.3 inches (W x D x H) conserves that precious space in your bedroom. Plus, the Moondance Glow is backed by a one-year warranty.

What's in the Box
Moondance Glow stereo alarm clock, snooze remote pad and dongle, wireless remote control, iPod docking adapters, power supply, user's guide, and quick connect instructions.

Everything You Should Know
All in all, this is a great unit. It combines ipod docking station, radio with digital tuner and clock radio all together. Before I bought this, the potentially negative things I wish I had known are the following:
- There are not a lot of buttons so it can be complicated to execute simple tasks. For example, to activate the alarm you have to scroll through all of the various alarm settings - there is no simple on/off button for the alarm.
- The remote control is really small. I worry that it will be lost or I'll fall asleep with it in bed and never find it in the sheets. It also takes a really tiny battery - kind of a large watch battery. It's too new for me to comment on whether the battery life is good.
- The remote snooze button is a really good feature if you don't want your docking station right next to your bed. Again, it has a small battery.
- It's kind of hard to read the time on the display - tougher than would be the case for a more traditional clock radio. And it's impossible if you (like me) have bought this unit because the remote snooze button allows you to keep the docking station in a more convenient place than beside the bed.
- There are only 4 radio presets and I think you can scroll through the presets only with the remote control (not the main unit).
- Sound quality is fine. Not as good as the Bose docking station but about what you would expect from a decent clock radio.
- There are only three volume settings for the alarm - low, medium and loud. I tried medium and it was quite loud so I've had to go with low. Fortunately, low is adquately loud, but you should know that there aren't a ton of volume choices to suit all tastes.
Although I really like having the features of this item, because of it is inconvenient to make on the fly changes to alarm settings and because of the difficulty reading the display I haven't got rid of my old clock radio (which I use just to read the time and if I want to set a one-off alarm).
Sorry for the long review, but this is the info I would have like to have known before making my purchase decision. I likely still would have picked this item, but with my eyes more open.

Altec Lansing M402SR vs. Logitech Pure-Fi Anytime. -- A nice music alarm clock with lots of features.
Watch Video Here: I also have the Logitech Pure-Fi Anytime Premium Alarm Clock, so I'll be comparing it with that. Although this speaker costs more, you get what you pay for. The sound is easily better in clarity, range, bass AND this alarm clock also has a lot more features.

First of all, I like how the AC is not a huge brick (I don't know what Logitech was thinking with their Pure-Fi!)

I also like that the radio antenna (it's the wired kind) can be removed from the speakers if you never plan on using it (for the Logitech, it's permanently attached. However, Logitech has AM radio that can be attached -- but it's big and pretty ugly.)

If you plan on putting the speakers away from your bed, or fear hitting your iPod instead when waking up, the extra wireless snooze button will make a great addition.

However, the wireless snooze receiver must be attached on the back (it would have been nice if it was built-in). I thought the wireless snooze button was touch sensitive too, but it's actually just a plastic triggering the button on the bottom, so you'll need to have that on a flat surface (or press the button on the back).

* Actually displays the full date or the scrolling of song title.
* Button on the top is much more reasonably placed. (The Pure-Fi's button placement is a bit confusing)
* Save up to 4 favorite radio stations (only 3 with the Logitech, but you can select them through the speaker. The Altec requires the remote, so if you lose it, you're pretty much screwed.)
* Set two alarms and it will tell you exactly on the LCD.
* Wake up to the iPod, radio, or the clock alarm buzz (which can get really loud!)

If you set the sleep timer, the LCD displays "SWEET DREAMS... (and the minutes left until shutdown)". 5 minutes is the lowest that you can set it and up to 90 minutes. (to cancel the sleep timer, you have to power off and turn on again)

I think the "mood" feature, where you can choose from 17 different color backlight is pretty cool, but it would have been much cooler if it alternated by itself or flashed with the beat of the music!

I don't know what's the deal with all these alarm clock speakers, but it's not the most user-friendly to set the time, alarm, settings. You'll definitely have to sit down and read the manual and really get accustomed to it. To the set the time, it's actually a small button on the back of the speakers. For setting most of the options, you'll often have to be holding on to the button for a few seconds.

The buttons on the top are touch sensitive (or more like pressure sensitive), but that's another thing you have to get used to it. I think it could be a bit more sensitive to the touch. Sometimes you're holding down the button, but it's hard to tell if it's actually going to go through to the certain mode or not.

The remote could have used some tiny bumps or different feel on some buttons to be able to tell them apart in the dark.

Out of the Logitech Pure-Fi and iHome iH36, the Altec speakers definitely win in the amount of bass.

- Good bass for its size
- LCD display (tells you sleep timer/alarm/etc.)
- Displays the day/month/date/year, time, or song title
- Backlight
- iPod cradle can close in if you end up using other audio devices via AUX.
- Set alarm to go off once, or everyday, or just weekdays or weekends.
- Wireless Snooze Button
- AC size/detachable radio antenna
- Set the brightness of the LCD and mood lights.

- It's not too intuitive. Lots of holding buttons to set options. In other words, this clock is definitely not for your grandma (unless you want to constantly help her out on how to set things. Sometimes you'll have to refer back to the manual).
- Need to point the remote directly at the remote sensor.
- Generic remote.
- Touch sensitive could be more sensitive.
- Display will not be easy to read from across the room.
- FM station presets only accessible through remote (no buttons on the actual speaker!)
- No "mood" (light) button on the remote!
- Can't set sleep timer/alarm through remote.

Nevertheless, this is a solid 4-star speaker. However, if sound is your priority then, you really should be looking for speakers that doesn't have all the fancy extra stuff like radio/alarm.

If you're really picky with sound, you're just not going to get that full surround sound depth with speakers that only have two drivers and only 5" or so apart. However, that being said, these speakers sound pretty good for what it is. I can say that it sounds better than Logitech's Pure-Fi Anytime Alarm speakers. I think the bass is pretty strong for its size.

As long as if you're not expecting 5.1 surround sound-like miracle, you'll be quite pleased with these speakers. If you're looking for an alarm clock for the iPod, these speakers are definitely worth checking out. Altec Lansing is a reputable speaker brand too.

Altec Lansing M402SR Review
First, I'm always skeptical of reviewers that don't state whether they have a relationship with either the manufacturer or product being reviewed or a competing manufacturer. So, let me say I have no relationship with Altec Lansing, or any other manufacturer of any kind. I bought this ipod player/clock for my college-aged daughter for Christmas, after reading internet reviews. Unwrapping it today, I was not disappointed. My daughter, who had not seen it previously, thought it was "cool." The unit has plenty of volume and pleasant sound without distortion. Its not going to replace a home audio system, but its more than adequate for a dorm or bedroom application. The clock display is not the biggest in the ipod/clock market, but the display is plenty bright (and adjustable) even in bright light. The display is clearly readable from at least 15 ft. away. The operating "buttons" on the top of the unit are touch activated and work smoothly. The unit comes with a small remote that uses a lithium battery, and works well from at least 15 ft. The unit also comes with a wireless snooze remote that allows one to activate the normal snooze function found on clocks, as well as to pause the music or turn the unit off. There are 2 separate alarms that can be programed for everyday, weekdays, once, etc. It comes with four ipod adapters, but frankly I don't think they are necessary or really secure the ipod any better. I used ipod nanos gen 1 & 2 with no problems. An FM antenna that plugs into the back is included, and the stations in my area were easily located and sounded as good if not better than the ipod. The mood glow function, which allows for a selectable color to be displayed out the back of the unit, worked but was not terribly impressive. From a seated position, and viewing the unit head-on the color was nearly impossible to see because it is displayed on the rear-side of the unit. No big deal, I didn't buy the thing for the mood glow.


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