RCA RP5605 AM/FM CD Clock Radio with Large LED Display

RCA RP5605 AM/FM CD Clock Radio with Large LED Display

Price: $28.53
Manufacturer: RCA
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The RP5605 CD clock radio by RCA is the perfect companion in the morning. The AM/FM clock radio has a large 0.6-inch LED display that makes it easy to see and read. This is a basic clock radio that offers dependability without having to learn how to set-up various features. The simple alarm button layout eliminates any confusion and ensures that setting the alarm will be easy. The top-loading CD player also is easy to access. You can change the alarm settings to wake to the radio, buzzer or any track of a favorite CD.


  • Amazon Sales Rank: #2826 in Consumer Electronics
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: RCA
  • Model: RP5605
  • Dimensions: 3.46" h x 7.91" w x 5.51" l, 2.75 pounds
  • AM/FM CD clock radio with LED display
  • Top loading CD player
  • Wake to radio, CD or alarm
  • Simple alarm setting
  • Basic design is very easy to use

Product Reviews

Good clock for the money
I am very happy with this clock radio/CD player. I especially like that the time can be set forward and backward and that the time display is easy to see without the light from it keeping me awake. The radio and CD player sound fine for what I use it for and for the price. The control buttons are in a good location and easy to use in the dark, once you know where everything is.

Decent for the price
I got this cheap alarm clock hoping it's two speakers would sound better than my even cheaper alarm clock with one speaker. It does but not by much. The CD player is very quiet but I find that the buttons are rather loud. Changing the alarm time at night will often wake my wife. The CD always starts at the beginning when using the alarm so I found it helpful to make my own CDs with a different wake-up song on each one.


Controls are strait forward and function well
Quiet CD player
Easy to read display


Loud buttons
Sort of ugly

Simple, cheap, quiet, just what we wanted.
We bought and tried several different units that all had different deficiences. This does have only one alarm setting but that's okay since we only get up once a day. The display is red with a black background so there is no glow keeping you awake half of the night. The CD motor is the quietest of 5 units that we tried. We have no problems with the volume. It stays where we put it for falling asleep to the CD and waking to the radio. Don't get hung up on the bells and whistles that you'll never need, this works great.


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